June 2018

Successful littertraps

In the Rotterdam harbor we have successfully completed the pilot with three passive Litter Traps. After 1,5 year of developing, testing and improving we have developed a system to capture floating plastics in rivers and ports. Preventing plastics to enter the sea and ocean. Our Litter Trap captures and contains floating litter despite ship traffic and tidal changes. Time lapse photos show the retrieved litter stays inside the trap until emptied for recycling purposes. The Litter Traps are implementable worldwide in ports, rivers and river mouths.

The Litter Traps are developed in collaboration with Hebo Maritiemservice with the support of the Rotterdam municipality.

First 3 litter traps in Rotterdam!

UMWELT films + WHIM architecture

In Rotterdam we are realizing the first three passive litter traps for marine litter. The first two are already finished. Before the end of this month all three litter traps will be in the water and in use. The platforms will ensure a structural retrieval of floating litter in our river and harbor. The retrieved plastics are used for the further growth of the floating park in the Rotterdam Rijnhaven.

The retrieval platforms are made possible by Citylab010.

Please watch our two minute video impression.

Recycled park first 15m2

UMWELT films

At the World Port Days Rotterdam the first three blocks Recycled Park are put in the water. Here is the video of the launching

Recycled park Teaser

UMWELT films

The progress of Recycled Park is captured on video for the documentary ‘Recycled Park, the making of’. A teaser can already be viewed here

Recycled park Teaser

UMWELT films

The progress of Recycled Park is captured on video for the documentary ‘Recycled Park, the making of’. A teaser can already be viewed here.

Call for support for Recycled park

WHIM architecture

Videopresentation of Recycled park

WHIM architecture

Video presentation Plasticvisser

SK international

Too Good To Waste

Port of Rotterdam

Recycled Park is part of the short documentary, Too Good To Waste, on waste management in the Port of Rotterdam.

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July 2018

140m2 Recycled Park realized

In the Rotterdam harbor our prototype is realized. After almost five years of designing, plastic retrieval, recycling, fund raising and intensive collaboration we will proudly open the prototype on July 4th. The floating park will illustrate what the potential is in the creation of new floating landscapes with recycled plastics as material. The park is constructed in a variation of hexagonal building blocks, from which a divers landscape is created. The floating park contributes to greening the city and the improvement of the ecosystem in the Rotterdam harbor. Currently we are exploring new locations for this concept.


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March 2019

New Litter Trap in Brussels

Together with Audi Brussels and the Port of Brussels, the Recycled Island Foundation and its project partner the Audi Environmental Foundation have installed a specially developed Passive Litter Trap in the harbor basin of Brussels. This plastic trap is designed so that waste floating in the water is flushed into a basin, where retention devices prevent it from being washed out again and thus ensure that no plastic reaches the open sea via the canal. The port of Brussels is already the third site for the Recycled Island project, following Rotterdam and the Indonesian island of Ambon.

Recycled Island Foundation is currently exploring several international locations for similar Litter Trap implementations.