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You can now support Recycled Park!

Recycled Park is the initiative of the Recycled Island Foundation and WHIM architecture to retrieve the plastic pollution from the New Meuse, just before it reaches the Sea. The retrieved plastic is recycled to give new value to the river. With the plastics we make floating blocks to form new nature landscapes; a floating park.

For years we are working on proposals how to deal with the worldwide plastic pollution of our oceans, seas, rivers and coasts. With Recycled Park we respond locally to a global problem.

We have started with the first retrieval of plastics. These plastics are analyzed and tested for best recycling technique. We want to proceed with the plastic retrieval and start with the creation of a prototype park.

You can contribute in finding the best recycle technique and the realization of the prototype by supporting us via donation or sponsoring. With the realization of the prototype we expect the necessarily interest to continue the plastic retrieval fundamentally and to upscale Recycled Park.

After Rotterdam we can proceed with the concept in other cities.

We find it important to continue as soon as possible with the plastic retrieval. This is why we now offer to contribute to the first Recycled Park in the world.

International contributions can be made to the Recycled Island Foundation via the PayPal link above or Bank payment to:

IBAN: NL36 RABO 0192 3440 05


For questions please contact us via:


Thank you kindly!

The Recycled Island Foundation has the ANBI status "Public Benefit Organisation" (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI). Natural and legal persons making donations to a PBO may deduct their gifts from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.

Photo: Clean-up in the port of Rotterdam

Photo: Clean-up with Cargill

Photo: Clean-up

Recycled Park is part of the program Bestaand Rotterdams Gebied (BRG)

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