Recycled Park is an initiative of

Recycled Island Foundation

Zomerhofstraat 71 unit 258

3032CK Rotterdam

the Netherlands

Team Recycled Park:

Ramon Knoester: Founder/coordinator

Iris Overeem: International relations

Elisabetta Prato: International relations

Francesca Alberti: Project coördinator

Nicola Belafatti: Project coördinator

Fred van der Waa: Senior advisor

Nienke Binnendijk: Board member

Jeroen Wupkes: Board member

T. +31 (0)10 26 23 701

Contact person:

Founder: Ramon Knoester

T: +31 6 24748361

Recycled Island Foundation Bank account:

IBAN: NL36 RABO 0192 3440 05


The realization Recycled Park may be found in the Rotterdam Rijnhaven.

Address: Tillemakade 99, Rotterdam

Address Recycled Island Foundation:

Zomerhofstraat 71 unit 258, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This address is within walking distance (960 metres) from Rotterdam Central station. Besides the nearby public transport, there is also a good accessibility by car or bicycle.

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