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November 2015

Mechanized sorting a succes

It is possible to mechanized sort river litter. With two big bags of river litter we went to the test facility of Tomra. Result is a mechanized sorting in organic, glass, paper and plastic material. Even the different kinds of plastic are sorted succesfully, bringing us a step closer to large scale recycling.

19 September 2015

Harbor cleanup Rotterdam

With 30 volunteers part of the Rotterdam harbor

is cleaned from its plastic litter. The cleanup

took place in collaboration with ECT, RWG,

APM Terminals Rotterdam and Port of Rotterdam.

The collected plastics will be used for the

realization of the Recycled Park prototype.

September 2015

Passive litter collector

For the efficient and continious retrieval of plastic litter a passive litter collector is developed. The platform uses the natural stream of the river to collect the litter. We are proposing multiple of these litter collectors in the harbor to optimize the catch. The platform will be emptied on a weekly basis so that the plastic can be used as a building material for Recycled park.

The litter collector is developed by WHIM architecture and HEBO maritiemservice.

July 2015

First part Recycled Park in Rotterdam

This week we present the proposal for a prototype Recycled Park in Rotterdam. This will be the first part of Recycled Park in the world. We are working together with partners in Belgium and England to also implement the principle of Recycled Park in London and Antwerp: River pollution is retrieved before it reaches the sea. The plastics are recycled as building material for new floating nature landscapes that improve the ecosystem in the river and the living environment in the city. The first plastic is successfully recycled at the Wageningen University and we are speaking with different partners to fundamentally start the plastic retrieval in the river.

June 25 2015

First bag Recycled Park handed over

Students of Amsterdam university support Recycled Park with cotton bags that replace single use plastic bags. The profit of selling the bags is going to our Recycled Island Foundation. This week we handed the first bag at the TU Delft for their contribution to Recycled Park.

May 18 2015

First river plastic recycled

Of the retrieved plastics from the New Meuse samples of recycled plastic are made by the Wageningen University. The samples vary in combinations of plastics and reinforcement. The different samples are analyzed in strength, water- and UV-resistance. With the conclusions of this research we can find the most suitable recycler to take Recycled park into production.

March 2015

Guest in London

Invited by Thames21 and the Port of London Authority. In London river pollution is already under concern for more than 10 years. This takes place with the help of more than 9.000 volunteers but also with 9 plastic litter traps. These litter traps catch a part of the floating plastic, in the Thames, and are a good example for Rotterdam.

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